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Whatever your circumstances it is our job to make your life easier.

From initial enquiry through to completion, Access Money will guide you every step of the way.

Whether that be buying a home, switching your current mortgage to a better rate, or using your property to access further money for multiple purposes – Access Money is here to help.


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Great easy experience very pleased a top service thank you very much, would highly recommend

Zane Cassells received expert mortgage advice

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I borrow?
    The amount you can borrow will depend on many factors including how much equity you have in your property, what you credit profile is like and how much income you have. Our products cover a whole range of scenarios – to find out how much you could borrow then talk to one of our qualified advisors today.
  • What documents do i need to get a mortgage?
    In all mortgage cases you will need documents to prove; Your Identity, the address you live at, Proof of your Income (normally 3 payslips if you are employed or SA302s or Accounts depending on how you are self employed), Last 3 Months Bank Statements & Proof of your Deposit
  • Can I get a mortgage if I’ve had previous bad credit?
    Mortgages for people that have experienced previous blips on their credit reports are one of the things that we specialise in. Check out our “Mortgages for Adverse Credit” page
  • I can go to my own bank, why would I need a mortgage broker?"
    It’s absolutely true, you could go to your own bank and if you decided that you thought that was best for you then I can only wish you the best of luck in the future. However using a mortgage broker gives you peace of mind that you are getting the best mortgage for your own personal circumstances. We don’t use consider one lender and one set of products we search the whole of market and matching your requirements to the lender that would best suit your circumstances
  • The Estate Agents have asked me for an Agreement in Principle – What is it?
    An Agreement in Principle (also known as a Decision in Principle, AIP or DIP) is a lender giving you an indicative answer as to whether they would consider lending to you. They complete a credit check but no documents are provided at this stage just the information provided by yourself to us so it’s important that the information provided is accurate as there is nothing worse then getting approved in principle but then not being applicable for the mortgage because of your documents not matching the information you told us.
  • Do you charge a fee?
    We may charge a fee depending on the product chosen. All fees will be disclosed during your initial consultation and clearly shown on the paperwork issued to you. We will never charge you any upfront fees for our services.
  • How long will it take?
    Our experienced team will handle the application on your behalf from start to finish, liaising with third parties to ensure a smooth process and free you from the stress of doing this alone. We have the knowledge to help speed up the process and can usually have your application agreed and ready to complete with a matter of weeks.
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