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Complication free and easy advice.

From the first time we speak all the way through, decision in principle, to the application, mortgage offer and completion, Access Money, will be there to make the process as straightforward as possible.


For some, bricks & mortar offer the best type of security & return on investment than many of the alternatives.

Whilst we may not be able to give you financial advice as to where you should put your money, if purchasing an investment property is for you, then Access Money can provide advice on the best mortgage product for you.
We take our time to understand your individual circumstances and requirements and use our expertise to search the whole of market to match the right product for you to achieve your investment goals.

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Buy To Let Mortgages


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The mortgage market changes quickly and the buy to let market is no different.


Working alongside Access money ensures that you are getting the best advice for your own individual situation.


Similar to the mortgage on your own home.

Buy to Let mortgage products can also come to an end and require a review of your situation to ensure that you are still achieving what you set out to do. Situations change as do investment goals.
A conversation with a Access Money can put things into perspective and make sure that your mortgage is doing what you need it to.

Whether that be moving lenders to achieve the best rate for your mortgage or releasing equity from your existing properties to add further stock to your portfolio, we are here to give you confidence that your properties are working for you.

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Owning your property as a limited company.

How can we help?

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Ltd Company

Due to the governments tax changes over the last few years there has been a lot of requests for individuals looking into owning their properties as a Ltd Company as opposed to individual names.

Whilst Access Money can’t give you tax advice, if after receiving advice you were to feel this is the best option for you to own your investment properties, then as a company that keeps abreast of products and changes in criteria, we are perfectly positioned to provide you with expert advice for your mortgage requirements and talk you through your options.


Contact our team today for more information about secured home loans.

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