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Get to know the team behind Access Money!

Hi, I am Andy and I have worked in financial services for over 25 years. I am a fully qualified mortgage and equity release advisor and have held senior management positions in large national financial companies. I have been part of teams that have won several awards for outstanding service within those companies.

I have set up Access Money as part of the Money Group as I see the Money Group team as a dynamic and forward-thinking collaboration without the overheads of those larger companies. I offer mortgages, insurance, equity release and loans for clients across the UK.

I am a problem solver and believe that there is always a solution to a problem. I look at what success looks like and work back from there. I like to tell people what we can do and not what we cannot. I specialise in finding solutions where there often is no one at face value.

Despite the current difficulties in the world, the industry is growing with more opportunities presenting themselves which are being created to help you. More solutions mean less problems. There are innovative products being created by the lenders all the time and this energises me because it provides a platform to help my customers. I find myself in a fast-paced environment which is providing me with exciting new opportunities to help you and raising finance for your needs.

I am here to solve your problems and offer you the best product for your individual circumstance. With vast experience and a great understanding of the current market, I believe that there is a product for you and it may not be the product you come to me thinking that you need. I love to educate my customers to ensure they are aware of all the options.

I have been part of a successful senior leadership team within large financial companies. I have been part of teams that have won mortgage broker of the year and secure loan broker of the year. Being part of these dynamic teams has proven to be a great learning curve and I now want to take these incredible practises and help create my own dynamic team to provide more solutions in a forward-thinking way.

I help people raise capital and access money for their personal and business purposes. As the landscape of financial services changes, I am finding more ways to help customers realise their dreams through intelligent and bespoke options.

We provide these incredible services with incredibly low fees because we do not have the overheads of some of our larger competitors. You still receive high levels of skill and customer service.

My key to success is never giving up. I am a real problem solver and I will be creative in my strategies to find a way of you realising your dreams. I believe in great customer service. This is vital in understanding your circumstances and understanding what you want and need.

I believe that you should be able to contact me when you need, and I make myself available to you. Trust is a major factor in anything financial and I provide a safe pair of hands and provide time and space for you so that together, we can make the right decisions on your financial future.

I am Andy and have a loving family around me and a crazy dog. As a real Yorkshire lad, I love my football and still manage to pull my creaking body across a football pitch from time to time. Friendly, honest and carefree, I don’t allow problems get on top of me, but have a real appetite to solve them.


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